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Amazing TED talk on web video

In this 2010 video Chris Anderson, co-founder and director of TED, speak convincingly to the power of web video. He coins his theory "crowd accelerated innovation." It's "...a self-fueling cycle of learning that could be as significant as the invention of print. But to tap into its power, organizations will need to embrace radical openness. And for TED, it means the dawn of a whole new chapter..." Well worth your time. Link: Power of Web Video.

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New Arkansas Times Video - COMING SOON

Last month Mindful Media Productions began an ongoing partnership with the Arkansas Times. We will be producing web video for most feature stories as well as stand alone pieces of community interest. We just wrapped production with Hot Dog Mike, a local entrepreneur. You wouldn't think owning a food cart could give someone moral authority in the community, but in Mike's case, it does. Once a moth he does "Hot Dogs For a Cause." All proceeds from the night go towards the chosen cause. It's an incredibly moving story. Stay tuned.

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Web Video - By The Numbers

We recently launched a web video special for small businesses. Your social networks are an extremely effective way to use web video for reaching large numbers of potential customers - for free. This image is the front side of our new postcard. The numbers speak for themselves.

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The Porter Prize: Encouragement For a Young Writer

Mindful Media Production is excited to announce that our short documentary, “The Porter Prize: Encouragement For a Young Writer,” was accepted into the 2011 Little Rock Film Festival.  The Porter Prize film began as an oral history of past prize recipients. It slowly grew into a documentary that we can all be proud of. Congratulations to Phillip McMath ad the rest of the Porter Prize board of directors: Judge Morris S. Arnold, Jack Butler, Andrea Hollander Budy, Grif Stockley, Jo McDougall, and Hope Coulter.

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